Friday, May 11, 2012

Criminal Profile: Emmanuel Alexandros Petrakis

Emmanuel Alexandros Petrakis, born in 1972, is tied to the Greek shipping industry and is a known oil smuggler and fraudster living in Athens.

Our investigation into Petrakis led us to a chain of companies that are being used as fronts for oil smuggling, as well as a specific case were able to document through Greek court proceedings, involving fraud and extortion against a US client.

Petrakis was involved in the theft of a US-owned yacht and fraud in connection with a massive loan issued by a US-based company. In a complicated case, a Greek court ruled against Petrakis’ claims that he had legally purchased the US-owned yacht in question, concluding that the alleged “purchase” of the yacht was a sham and never actually occurred. The court also ordered Petrakis to pay some $100,000 in legal bills to the US party – money that has never been paid in violation of the court ruling. Petrakis continues to attempt to extort and harass the US yacht owner.

Petrakis’ accomplice in the fraud case was, Iannis Karageorgis, whom court convicted of stealing the yacht, which was eventually discovered in Turkey.  

More significantly, there is evidence linking E.A. Petrakis to petroleum smuggling through a number of front companies (listed below). An investigation into Petrakis’ activities were part of a larger investigation into oil smuggling in Greece, which was examined from a bottom-up perspective, attempting to pick out the smaller fish that lead to the bigger fish. There is evidence that the Greek police department is investigating these links and the companies suspected of involvement in these illicit activities.

This investigation, however, turned up perhaps a more interesting link between Emmanuel Alexandros Petrakis and what is undoubtedly the biggest organized crime case of the century in Greece: The kidnapping of Greek shipping tycoon Pericles Panagopolous in 2009. The trial of the crime syndicate members accused of involvement in this kidnapping case is ongoing and is an extremely public event. Emmanuel Alexandros Petrakis was former owner of the shipping line, Mayan lines, which was purchased by Panagopolous’ Attica group. We are currently following the money trail from this purchase and will provide link charts demonstrating the connection between Petrakis and Panagopolous.

Another interesting link arose in the form of a business location identified as “Forbes Park”, in a swanky Athens suburb. An investigation of this address was prompted by the discovery of E.A. Petrakis’ email address, which originates from this location. Interestingly, this location, which is ostensibly a high-end real estate company, is guarded by a very professional security force that is former military by all appearances.
Emmanuel Alexandros Petrakis is believed to enjoy the protection of long-time family friend and one of the biggest names in fraud and white collar crime in Greece, Theodorus Karampetis.

Suspected Petroleum Smuggling Front Companies (source, intelligence from an agency currently investigating this case):
  • Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables (formerly Energotexniki Petroleum Company General Trade LTD 
  • Notioanatoliki Enegiake Ltd
  • Capo shipping Limited 
  • Wave Masters Shipping LTD

Our investigation into E.A. Petrakis continues and we welcome any information readers have to offer in this case. 


Cyril Latinsky said...

Do you have any documented evidence against EA Petrakis?

Davor said...

I do. Financial information and shareholder information for the companies he is using as a front for oil smuggling and some other evidence from a private source that cannot be discussed in this forum. Who are you and why do you ask?